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St. Andrew's Lutheran Church - LCC
Rev. Mark Lawrence Smith, Pastor
Philip Prozenko, Chairman

2756 Swaine Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada  B3L 3R5  •  C: 902.489.2748

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The following is the Christmas service schedule for St. Andrew's Deanery:

St. Andrew's in the Valley
St. Monica's Catholic Rectory
41 Connaught Ave., Middleton, NS
- Christmas Eve Day 2:00pm

St. Andrew's in Halifax 
Saint Aidan Anglican Catholic Church
2756 Swaine Street, Halifax, NS
- Christmas Eve 7:00pm with Padre David Jackson
- Christmas Day 9:00am

St. Andrew's on the Island
All Souls Chapel
11 All Souls Lane
Charlottetown, PEI
- Christmas Day 2:30pm

We have found the Messiah!

These were the first words we heard from the Apostle Andrew as he excitedly shared his discovery with his brother, the Apostle Peter. We invite you to join us in discovering the "Good News" of our salvation through the sacrifice of God's only son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

Services are at 9:00 am every Sunday morning. All are welcome!

You Need Inspiration!

Inspiration as defined by the Oxford Dictionary can mean the drawing in of breath or a divine influence. Perhaps it really means both. When you breathe you don't just inhale one breath of air, sit back and say, "That's enough for now." You need to keep breathing, every second of every day or else you will die. The same can be said about your faith.


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Sermon Archive

We invite you to download sermons from Pastor Kurt Reinhardt of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kurtzville, Ontario. Pastor Reinhardt's insightful and thought provoking sermons are distributed to Lutherans throughout Atlantic Canada. This archive will be updated on a weekly basis so keep checking in. If you would prefer to receive the sermons directly by email please email your request.

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“What About?” Series

“What About?” is a series of pamphlets, written by former LCMS Synod President Rev. Dr. A. L. Barry, that address doctrinal topics, moral issues and concerns in the church to help Christians grow in their understanding of these important questions.

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