Be Inspired

You Need Inspiration!

Inspiration as defined by the Oxford Dictionary can mean the drawing in of breath or a divine influence. Perhaps it really means both. When you breathe you don't just inhale one breath of air, sit back and say, "That's enough for now." You need to keep breathing, every second of every day or else you will die. The same can be said about your faith.

Faith is not something that you have created or that you have found. Like all good things, faith is a gift from God created in us by the Holy Spirit through God's Holy Word (Bible) and Sacraments (Baptism, Holy Communion).

When we hear God's Word and participate in His Sacraments, we are taking in the deep breath of faith which strengthens, uplifts and directs us. But, we live in a sinful world and the worries and cares in our lives slowly squeezes that sweet air out of our lungs. And what then? Do we take another breath? If we don't we will slowly but surely die.


As our world continues to drift away from God we witness on a daily basis this slow decay, this slow asphyxiation of our society. We read it in the paper, hear it on the radio, see it on TV, browse through it on the web.

So what do we do? Hold our breath and turn blue? No. We breathe. We breathe deep and we breathe every second of every day. We pray to God. We read and study the Bible. We go to Church and hear God's Word. We participate in God's Sacraments. We sing hymns and we have fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We share the love that Christ has for us with our neighbours. We breathe.

We invite you to join us every Sunday morning for a breath of fresh air. If you are unable to attend Church services, there are online resources available, such as the Bible App and KFUO Lutheran Online Radio. Just click on the links below.

May the peace of God which surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.